Halloween is a special time of year for kids (young and old) to have fun and go trick or treating. But there are few Treats and too many Tricks for our U.S. Military members serving overseas. In 2014, Michael Embrey started the first “Sweets4Troops” program and collected over 250 pounds of candy. In 2018 Sweets4Troops collected 3,000 pounds of treats for military support groups. Michael Embrey is a former USAF military veteran and involved in various veteran support programs and organizations.

Again this year, Sweets4Troops will be collecting any leftover and unwanted candy. These sweets and treats will be sent as a part of Holiday Packages for Military personnel serving at various locations throughout the world. Local agencies will forward these treats to military member units serving overseas and select domestic locations through our Veteran partnerships.

If you or your company have any leftover candy after Halloween (and trying to stay on that Diet), please bring any unwanted and surplus candy to one of the following:

* DeKalb Fire Department, 7th Street (700 Pine Street) in DeKalb
* Sycamore Fire Department, 535 DeKalb Avenue in Sycamore
* DeKalb Amerian Legion Post, 1204 S. 4th St. DeKalb
* Le Print Express, 1950 DeKalb Avenue in Sycamore
* County Liquors, 625 E State St in Sycamore
* FunME Events Office, 650 Peace Road-Suite F, DeKalb
* Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce, 113 North Geona Street in Geona

Donations will be accepted from November 1st through November 15th.

A special thank you also goes out to all of our partners and sponsors who have helped out with our cause:

FunME Events
Sycamore Fire Department, DeKalb Fire Department, The Daily Chronicle, Le Print Express

None of this would be possible without their help and the donations we receive from our friends and neighbors!